How to Hang Artwork Like A Pro

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framed artworkIs that blank white wall in your living room staring you down? Wouldn't that wall look nicer with a cool picture or some family photographs on it? With the right tools and information, anyone can hang framed artwork or a series of pictures like a professional.  Below are our best tips for matting, framing, and hanging pictures at home.

1. Add a Mat Board to Your Frame

While you can frame something with just the artwork, glass, and backing board, a mat board makes your artwork look gallery-ready. Adding a mat board to your frame creates a nice visual buffer between the frame and piece and can help the viewer focus on the artwork or photograph. An oversized mat and a smaller image can really make your artwork look cutting-edge.

2. Consider Scale

Where you intend to hang your framed art can influence your choice of mat board. If you have a large wall with high ceilings, consider hanging a series of images to balance with the size of the room. You can also fill up a larger space with oversized mat boards. You may be surprised by how well a larger mat board and frame can work in a small room. Sometimes this unexpected combination can look really sophisticated. Finally, consider the scale and ratio of your frame, mat, and picture.  A good rule of thumb is to get a mat board that is about double the width or more of your frame thickness.

3.  Invest In the Correct Tools

To correctly hang your artwork, be sure to invest in the right hardware and tools. You will need a level, tape measure, pencil, hooks, pins, and hanging wire. Without these items, you risk hanging crooked or unstable pictures. Use the level and tape measure to be sure you hang images at equal distances to one another and level to the floor. Use the pencil to mark where you want to hang each piece. The hooks, pins, and wire will ensure your pictures are secure and easy to straighten on the wall if they become off-centered. When you are ready to hang your next picture, visit for the lowest prices and archival quality matboard and framing supplies. Photo credit: Editor B

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