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Full Sheet Mat Boards

Standard Mat Board Mat Board Variety Packs
Standard Full Sheet Mat Board is BD MatBoard's number one selling picture mat product! Available in over 95 colors, we offer a complete spectrum of selections to fit any photo matting needs!
Our Mat Board Variety Packs offer an assortment of our most popular full sheet mat boards. Each pack contains 25 photo mats.
Oversized Mat Board Designer Mat Board
Our oversized mat board is made from premium quality wood pulp fiber core and comes in a range of Acid-Free, pH neutral surface paper colors. Oversized photo matting is lined with Acid-Free backing paper, and sized to 40 x 60.
BD Matboard has partnered with Specialty Matboard to provide a line of rich, textured Designer Mat Boards in a variety of colors. Don't be fooled by imitation designer mat boards; these sophisticated finishes are created through techniques unique to Specialty Matboard.
Suede Mat Board Raw Hide Mat Board
BD MatBoard suede mat boards have the rich appearance and texture of fabric for photo matting and framing artwork. Suede mat board is fade resistant; lignin-free; and made from the finest Acid-Free, pH neutral buffered pulp cores. Eight saturated and subtle colors available.
Our Raw Hide Mat Boards are 4-ply and offer an Acid-Free pH Neutral Buffered Pulp Core. Raw Hide Mat Boards have a printed surface paper for leather appearance.

Explore our large selection of full sheet, uncut mat boards at wholesale prices! We offer a wide range of colors, styles, and prints. Picture Mats are sized to 32" x 40", with select colors also available in 40" x 60". Minimum of 25 sheets per order. To compare all of BD Matboard's 135 colors, check out our complete mat board color comparison chart.

full sheet uncut mat board